Ashford Avenue

by Glass Bottom Boats

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released June 1, 2014



all rights reserved


Glass Bottom Boats Arcadia, Washington

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Track Name: Roanoke
Only words drag you down
Hands of clay hung in a cloud
Thought the feeling would subside
Its only heavier with each passing night
Saw the fading of a light
Going by
Some aimless ship in the night
Said the spirit you evoked
Atlantic ocean, Roanoke
Fell asleep at the wrong time
So I heard, what I saw
Its still not clear to me at all
I must’ve been awake too long
Think too much, stupid head
If only I could remember what you said
If only I could remember
Track Name: Rose Marie
I stumble blindly passing people pulling stars
out of the sky
I can’t help feeling they should leave them where they are
if just for tonight
I stand unsteady on a freshly written page
of feeble words
Hide in the darkness and I watch the masquerade
it becomes a chore
Stay in the shadows as the world moves along
this bed I made
Many moons pass its still the same old song
its an old parade
Rose Marie, won’t you take me to the town
where you were born
I’ve been wandering for oh so long
I don’t want to anymore
I don’t want to anymore
I don’t want to
Track Name: Blood Moon
Blood moon, in your eyes
Well whiskey, on your mind
It’s just a cheap confection
Those pills you’re swallowing

Black holes, in your arm
White hands, clench your heart
Only a thin reflection
Situations you get yourself in

Creatures crawling, on your skin
Call your darling, she’s not answering
Last chance for a true confession
This day won’t come again
Track Name: Ashford Avenue
Loudmouth knocking the door down
Who the hell knows why she still keeps him around
Lighting candles on the stove
Soon be burning out

Peaking out from a neighbor’s window
Making a scene on the lawn
A man I don’t know shouts on a payphone
Lights flicker and withdraw

Walking around in yesterday’s clothes
Kids make angels in the snow
Everything is the same
Its okay nothings changed on Ashford Avenue